(First Things First)


12/19/2007 Complete re-write. New data format.


  • Data store shareable using distributed version control tools. Currently using monotone.
  • Human readable data store
  • Works on MS-Windows, Linux (tested on Ubuntu, Maemo/n800)
  • Bugs

  • Rather a lot unfortunately. Still alpha quality.
  • To do list/Bugs

  • Basic cleanup for publishing - DONE
  • Re-org the task editing table
  • Add a pop-up keyboard (for use on n800 etc.)
  • Correct allocation of horizontal space for tasks/projects
  • Start and end date display range control.
  • Fix the scheduler. It was working dang it!
  • New mechanism for setting predecessors needed (middle mouse button doesn't work on tablets).
  • Move tasks from project to project via gui.
  • Project deletion via gui
  • Improve "todays tasks"
  • Fix zoom to fill horizontally properly. This was working, what did I change?
  • Guis needed for editing resources, adding new top level projects and configuration.
  • Wish list

  • Mind map view
  • Download

  • Coming as soon as I get the first 3-4 top items on the to-do list done. If you know scheme (or are willing to learn) and would like to help contact me and I'll give you access to the monotone server.
  • Project page on Maemo
  • Screen shots

    Here is ftf running on scratchbox for the Nokia n800. The project is the restoration of my old Vixen RV (you can see Vixens at www.vixenrv.org)


    usr-local.tar.bz2 (required dependencies)


    What and why

    So far none of the free project planners do time accounting very well. Well, neither does ftf but it DOES let you do clumsy but functional time accounting. What do I mean by time accounting? You can tell ftf how many hours a week you have for a class of projects (example: work and home) and then when you input a time required for a project and what bucket to take that time from then ftf will estimate when you will be done with the project. If you will be late then ftf blocks that out in red.



    Note that you should download and install STk from kaolin.unice.fr and ensure it works before attempting to get ftf working. ftf should work on most Unix like oses and on windows (untested).


    There isn't any! See the file COPYING for details. Generally I do like to hear from folks trying out ftf and I do intend to continue improving it.

    Screen shots

    ftf itself:

    add item:

    To do

  • Speed ups - especially for large project files
  • Resource editor (must manualy edit the data file for now)
  • Documentation
  • User interface improvements
  • Contact

    matt at kiatoa com