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Trying to do a little project planning? Give ftf a go. FTFNote: this is ancient and borked software. I'll have a new Iowa based version out real soon now. Yeah. Right.

Here are my latest picolinux build files. Download the .tar.gz files and untar/unzip them. You will find directions in the README file. I tested it recently and it still works. Write me at matt at essentialgoods dot com with any questions you might have.

Browse here for various files I've collected for the Vtech Helio PDA. The Helio runs linux and its getting better and better - albiet slowly. NOTE: All these files are available from various sites on the net. It is best to use google to find these files and then get them from their site of origin. The copies I have are very likely out of date. The latest rom image should be here

Consider learning Esperanto.

Don't like income taxes? It just seems wrong somehow to tax labor. Don't we want people to work as much as they want as often as they want? Seems to me that taxing labor somehow detracts from the desire to work. Also don't we generally want people to consume natural resources efficiently? There is a simple and well thought out solution which has very few unintended consequences. Especially take the time to do the quiz - it's a real eye opener in my opinion. Start here.

The Scheme Programing Language

My work in progress, a scheme binding for picogui is here.

My favourite web development environment

Ruby is an excellent language and with SQLite and