Stuff for Sale

Feel free to make offers. Everything is in Richmond VT.

Wenona fibreglass 16' canoe. Very good condition. With paddles.$400 obo.
Born Free class C 24' diesel RV. Propane Generator, Awning, double bed above cab and two couches that turn into double beds. Theoretically can sleep 6 but more comfortable with 4, i.e. three seperate beds. Gets 11-15 mpg where a similar gas model would get 7-9 mpg.$11,000
20 cu. ft. freezer. Two years old. Fast freeze feature. Designed to operate safely in sub zero environments such as a vermont garage :-) (ordinary freezers can be harmed by operating in sub zero temps) $300.
Two 750 MHz AMD processers. Should be good (previously worked fine) but no easy way to test so sold as is. $10 each
Hova Beta temperature controlled chick incubator. Used once and in great condition. $25
Antique 2 stroke outboard motor. Worked when I got it. Hasn't been run in years. I was going to turn it into a steam engine outboard but too many things got in the way.$10.00
90 lb cross bow. Will need new string sooner or later (available online). Eight bolts (arrows eh) with an assortment of scarey looking hunting heads and target heads. Will only sell to an adult. $45
Microscopes: Stereo low power $30, high power $30 (both are professional/college quality, not Wal-Mart junk)
Toastmaster toaster oven, can handle up to 10" pizza. Like new condition. $30.
Kubota diesel yard tractor. Transmission was acting flakey last year. Started up first pop this spring. Has block heater, 48 inch mowing deck and snow plow attachment and chains. Newish battery. Shaft drive. $400
Mini vertical mill. Basically new. Used only as a drill press. $400.
X10 stuff. controller, light modules, power modules, motion sensors. Black and white low light camera. $80 or piece by piece.
Wooden pizza presses. One made of solid 2 1/2 inch thick pieces of maple (roughly built by me) and the other built up from maple pieces (nicely build by someone with excellent wood working skills). $10 each.
Neotech ionic air purifier. Excellent condition. $10.
Two cybiko wireless units with 6v wall plugs (they do chatting, games etc.). $5 each
Grizzly cast iron table saw. $150

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